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Everything Light

The Everything Light will change the way you use and service the light, revolutionizing the Pool and Spa industry. This wireless product is battery operated and will no longer require owners to face issues related to those powered by electricity, thus eliminating the hassle electrical cords and potential for electrocution. Take control of your light by changing the colors and brightness at the touch of a button through the Pool Tenders App.

Multi-Tork Tools

From the first 3 sockets introduced to the pool industry in 2007, Multi-Tork® Pool Tools strives to fabricate innovative, durable and affordable products for pool service technicians, DIY pool owners and industrial filter service techs. Our mission: To make pool service and industrial filter maintenance easier, safer and faster with dependable tools.

OPTI Pool Products

Our water diverter products can beautify your pool waterfalls.

Pool Tiger

- Kills contaminants two ways
- Reduces the need for chlorine & other chemicals by up to 90%
- Clarifies water by eliminating suspended particles
- Simplifies water balancing
- Eliminates excess cyanuric & other acids
- Cleans scale and biofilm from pool surfaces, pipes and equipment
- Protects surfaces from scale and staining

S.R. Smith

We are pool enthusiasts who are inspired to bring innovation and creativity to everything we do across all product categories™

Corona Lighting

Corona Lighting, Inc. based in Los Angeles California is the manufacturer and distributor of quality low voltage landscape lightings.

Earth Science Laboratories

Sustainable solutions for our most valuable resources

Earth Science Laboratories Inc. develops advanced, sustainable chemistry for diverse industries and applications. ESL’s Agriculture division creates adjuvants, micronutrients, algaecides and fungicides. The Municipal division manufactures EarthTec® and EarthTec® QZ for controlling cyanobacteria and zebra mussels in water treatment plants, reservoirs and lakes. The Recreational division manufactures PristineBlue® pool and spa care products and the high-performance Specialty Chemicals line.

Innovative Aqua Systems

At the onset, we would like to introduce as a professionally managed and fast growing Company focused at providing solutions on Water Treatment for both Industrial Water Treatment and Mineral Water Plants. We are operating in this field since 2004.

Innovative Aqua Systems Gun Lube

Innovative Aqua Systems Gun Oil is a premium high viscosity lubricant and protectant. Infused with LUBEGARD’s proprietary LXE (Liquid Wax Ester) Technology, this formula utilizes the unique benefits of the LXE’s “polarity” allowing the lubricant to polarize to metal surfaces for long lasting film and wear protection. It dramatically reduces friction, improving accuracy and weapon life. Additionally, this formula contains new biosynthetic properties for superior cold flow protection.

Innovative Aqua Systems Liquid Sandblast Concrete Profiler

Liquid Shotblast was specifically developed for use on several facets of the concrete industry, including resilient flooring, epoxy coatings, decorative applications, concrete polishing, general subfloor preparation, heavy duty cleaner and vertical concrete surfaces.

Innovative Aqua Systems Liquid Sandblast Landscape Cleaner

Fast and easy
Liberally apply RSG hardscape onto effected surface using a pump sprayer, agitate with stiff brush, apply RSG Hardscape Rx directly onto wet Hardscape, agitate, Low pressure or pressure wash to rinse. For stubborn stains repeat process.

Innovative Aqua Systems Liquid Sandblast Tile Cleaner

Fast and easy
Liberally apply RSG hardscape onto effected surface using a pump sprayer, agitate with stiff brush, apply RSG Hardscape Rx directly onto wet Hardscape, agitate, Low pressure or pressure wash to rinse. For stubborn stains repeat process.

Innovative Aqua Systems Liquid Sandblast TRS Plus

Tile Restoration Sealer
is a water base thermoplastic acrylic emulsion sealer for resilient tile. concrete and masonry surfaces.

Liberty Home Guard

Comprehensive Protection and Affordable Pricing. The average American home’s appliances and systems are worth $24k. Choose from our affordable plans and rest assured that your home appliances and systems are protected. Prefer to replace instead of repair? With LHG, it’s always your choice.


From the very latest MultiCyclone pre-filters, next generation heat pumps and multi-speed pumps, to some of the most energy efficient LED pool lights on the market, Waterco is committed to bringing you the very best pool and spa innovations

Zero Pool & Spa Lubricant

ZER0 POOL & SPA LUBRICANT has been developed exclusively for the industry and remains the only product of its kind. It contains proprietary synthetic LXE® technology derived from renewable agricultural resources. The unique molecular structure of LXE® repels dirt and debris without breaking down. Zer0 Pool & Spa’s lubrication benefits last up to 10 times longer than the competition making the job of maintaining pools and spas easier.

BDC Systems

We produce high quality 2-part epoxy systems and both 1 and 2-part urethane systems for a variety of industries. Our main nucleus of products are sold throughout the industrial floor coatings, decorative floral, and table/bar top coatings fields.

Consolidated Manufacuring International

CMI utilizes the very latest manufacturing technology in constructing the Thermocraft Solar Panels. Certain attributes are Patented on these as well.

Life Specialty Coatings

Life Specialty Coatings Company is a manufacturer of coatings and like products. Our salespeople are expertly trained in our products and job specifications. Our focus is to provide our distributors with the best products and support available. We aim to use the correct products for the job that is needed. We offer many different types of products with different types of quality and specifications to accommodate the many different circumstances and needs in the marketplace. Life Paint also offers toll manufacturing for customers who choose to have their own label.

MK Rat and Rodent Proofing

MK Products rodent and rat proofing keep the rats out of your heater. available for most models

PoolMaster - We make Water Fun

Poolmaster’s products have become the products of choice by the leading retailers in today’s pool and spa aftermarket. Consistent quality and value, backed by more than 50 years of service to the industry, is paramount. The variety and selection available from a single source, including unique and exclusive products and designs, is unsurpassed.

Arizona Spa Covers

Arizona Spa Covers has been manufacturing quality spa covers and hot tub covers for both above ground portable and in-ground spas since 1979 in Phoenix Arizona! Local manufacturing ensures fast turnaround.

GulfStream Heat Pumps

GulfStream Swimming Pool Heat Pumps use all-titanium heat exchangers. All quality heat pumps have given up the usage of cupronickel or copper in the exchanger. Homeowners now expect a titanium heat exchanger. Why? Titanium is IMPERVIOUS to corrosion, which means it will never corrode or wear out.

MK Rebar Benders

Patented MK Rebar Bender comes with Handle and Stainless Steel Ruler. Can be mounted to any standard trailer hitch, any stationary flat service, and/or flat bed truck or workbench.

MK Water Decent Covers

Standard and custom orders are available in COPPER, BRASS, and STAINLESS STEEL. Custom colors also available

Pop-Up Chlorinator

Now you'll know at a glance if your pool needs chlorine, pops up with one tablet remaining, so you'll never forget. Simply fill-it & forget it.

The King Fin

Relax & let the king do the hard work for you, Hugs & Brushes in both directions so it takes half the time and effort