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Arizona Spa Covers

Arizona Spa Covers has been manufacturing quality spa covers and hot tub covers for both above ground portable and in-ground spas since 1979 in Phoenix Arizona!  Local manufacturing ensures fast turnaround.

We understand the Arizona climate and have carefully selected materials that will withstand our harsh climate, from the desert heat to the heavy snows of northern areas.

Our covers last in our environment.  Other covers are made from materials that work well in other regions that do not experience our extreme temperatures.  For example, our vapor barrier lasts when the desert floor heats up to 120 degrees and more.  We have seen covers imported from other states with other “supposedly” superior barriers get brittle and shatter like glass in our high heat. We have even seen other manufactures use black vapor barriers which cause the foam inserts to melt during our summer months.

Beyond our material selection, we have a seasoned staff with an average employment of over twelve years, providing us with a depth of knowledge and expertise that is unrivaled.  We have made tens of thousands of covers in our 33 year history and have seen and met many different cover requirements.

Our product range allows us to meet your precise needs!  We offer options in vinyl, foam configuration, SureLoc or Cover Pool tie configuration, superior heat seals, and professional craftsmanship! 

There are five easy ways to contact us.  Drop into our factory showroom, call us, email us, fax us, or write us.  From above ground to in-ground spa covers we can meet the need.