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Zer0 Pool & Spa Lubricant Zer0 Pool & Spa Lubricant 10x longer than leading brands ZER0 POOL & SPA LUBRICANT has been developed exclusively for the industry and remains the only product of its kind. It contains proprietary synthetic LXE® technology derived from renewable agricultural resources. The unique molecular structure of LXE® repels dirt and debris without breaking down. Zer0 Pool & Spa’s lubrication benefits last up to 10 times longer than the competition making the job of maintaining pools and spas easier.


  • Keeps O-rings hydrated and in original form without the over-extension and flexing left by traditional lubricants
  • Releases seized backwash valves
  • Ensures a more reliable and secure seal on pumps and motors, pool and spa lights
  • DRAMATICALLY improves performance on all moving parts without attracting dirt and debris
  • Can reach applications where traditional lubricants cannot (Piston valve O-rings, Jandy Shaft valve O-rings)
  • Works wonders on threaded components without attracting sand or grit
  • “Mess-free” application with or without included straw attachment
  • Improves the performance and life of tools, vacuum parts, locks, hinges, gates, rollers…everything!
  • Biodegradable, Non-Flammable, and Safe to use around people and pets
  • Perfect in both fresh water and salt water applications
Zer0 Pool & Spa Lubricant


Stock No. Unit Size Case Quantity/Display
75222 2 oz. 12/case with display
75200 8 oz. 12/case


Zer0 Pool & Spa leaves no greasy residue like traditional lubes. O-rings remain intact and clean up isn’t required.

Zer0 will go places traditional lube cannot. Without disassembling fixtures, you can reach problem area O-rings to troubleshoot or perform preventative maintenance.

Creates a more water resistant and secure seal for underwater applications.

Zer0 Pool & Spa reduces friction and resists grit making parts last longer

Zer0 Pool & Spa makes applications easier, cleaner and safer.

Makes old, worn tools work like new again.

Releases seized ball and backwash valves without breaking them.