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In order to sell heat pumps in the State of Florida, all heat pump manufacturers are now required to participate in an independent certification program and have their heat pumps meet or exceed a 4.0 COP (Coefficient of Performance) at the ARI Test Standard. The GS1000 & 1500 models have undergone and passed AHRI testing requirements. For more information,visit the AHRI directory for a complete listing of approved heaters and available certificates.

A Great Warranty

When you purchase a GulfStream Swimming Pool Heat Pump, your heater is protected by a strong warranty: Lifetime warranty on our Titanium Heat Exchanger. TITANIUM HEAT EXCHANGERS

GulfStream Swimming Pool Heat Pumps use all-titanium heat exchangers. All quality heat pumps have given up the usage of cupronickel or copper in the exchanger. Homeowners now expect a titanium heat exchanger. Why? Titanium is IMPERVIOUS to corrosion, which means it will never corrode or wear out. INSIST ON THE BEST - WE DO

25 Years of pool heating experience have given us insight into pool heating, which no other company can rival. We know high quality and we have insisted on the best. We’ve invested in the best manufacturing equipment, the highest quality components and state of the art technology to create the best pool heat pump in production today.