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All APi products are based on the philosophy that preventing problems is more efficient than treating problems. Our proprietary formulations include E-Z POOL™ and EZ SPA™ water maintenance product lines, and our increasingly popular REVIVE!™ remedial and preventative maintenance product. Using this proactive thinking, we developed our E-Z chemical compounds to include all the components (water balancers, oxidizers, clarifiers, etc.) typically used to manage pool and spa water into a single product for pools and a single product for spas. In 2006 we introduced our remedial REVIVE!™ product which is the fastest, most effective phosphate remover on the market. Additionally, REVIVE!™ is used for openings, closings, and even preventative maintenance by pool owners and service technicians alike.

REVIVE! is a multi-action product that removes phosphates (algae food), metals including copper and iron, scaling carbonates, organic debris and other contaminants that cause cloudy water. It is formulated for use on new pool startups, replaster / remodel / refills, spring openings, abandoned pools, severe algae cleanups and ongoing maintenance of all swimming pools. REVIVE! is compatible with all pool chemicals, sanitizers and finishes and does not require any pre-balancing or pre-treatments. It works in any pH or sanitizer level.

Startup – Cleanup – Maintain

REVIVE! naturally restores water quality within hours of application

* Removes orthophosphates up to 2000 ppb
* Removes copper and iron up to 2.0 ppm
* Captures scaling carbonates
* Clears water of organic debris

Compatible with all pool chemicals, sanitizers and finishes

Unique spray-bottle application allows thorough coverage of entire water surface

32 oz. bottle treats up to 24,000 gallons

Available in a 32 oz. spray bottle and 1 gallon service size


**This product makes no pesticidal claims

REVEAL - Ultimate Clarifier



This concentrated formula works with the pool filter to remove dirt, debris and other suspended particles.

REVEAL™ is effective in high sanitizer levels and will reduce total dissolve solids (TDS). It is compatible with all pool chemicals, including salt, chlorine, bromine, biguanide and mineral systems.

REVEAL™ is safe for all pool equipment and surfaces including vinyl, plaster, exposed aggregate, and fiberglass.

Long term benefits include brilliant water clarity, increased sanitizer effectiveness, more time between filter cleanings and prolonged filter life.

PEPPER® is the perfect ingredient for salt water pools. It is a special blend of select ingredients formulated to work specifically with the unique demands of salt water pools.

Adding PEPPER to your pool will enhance water quality, protect pool equipment and reduce overall maintenance.

Use PEPPER regularly to:

Increase the life and performance of the salt water generator
Improve sanitizer effectiveness
Greatly enhance water clarity
Limit troublesome pH fluctuations
Prevent scale buildup on the generator cell, pool equipment and surfaces
Help maintain low phosphate levels
PEPPER is compatible with all pool surfaces and equipment plus there is no waiting to swim. After the initial application, most salt water generators can be operated at lower settings.

Use just twice a month to keep your salt water swimming pool perfectly seasoned!

What PEPPER does for your pool:
  • Greatly enhances water clarity – oxidizes debris and enhances filter performance
  • Provides extended protection for pool equipment and the generator cell
  • Significantly reduces pool maintenance – fewer chemical balance adjustments and less cleaning
  • Available in 2 lb and 25 lb service size.